All racks are hand made from 12 gauge plate steel. 

Available in Flat Top or 4 Bar design styles.

Racks are powder coated black to match your frame.  Since each rack is made to order we can also do bare steel ($20 less) so you can have it chromed or painted to your own color.

Honda Motorcycle Racks -

Honda VTX-1800 Rack   Honda Areo Spirit Rack
Honda VTX-1800 R, S, & N   Honda Spirit Areo
Honda 1300 Rack   Honda 1300 Rack
Honda VTX-1300 C     Honda VTX-1300 R & S
Honda Valkyrie Rack    
Honda Valkyrie   Honda 750 Shadow
Phantom Solo
Honda Shadow 1998 - 2003 Rack    
Honda Shadow
1998 - 2003
  Honda VT1300CT 


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Complete Honda Rack List:

  Honda VTX 1300-1800 C & CS            $275.00  
Honda VTX 1300-1800 R & RSN $275.00
  Honda VTX 1100 Sabre $275.00  
  Honda Valkyrie $275.00  
  Honda Shadow $275.00  
  Honda 750 Shadow Phantom Solo  $210.00  
  Honda VT 1100 Sabre $275.00  
  Honda VT 1100 Spirit $275.00  
  Honda 750 Areo $275.00  
  Honda VT1300CT Interstate 2010-15 $275.00  
  Prices include black powder coat.  For bare metal take $20 off the price listed above. Prices include U.P.S. shipping anywhere in the U.S.A. Shipping weight is 10-12 lbs.  Outside the U.S.A.?  Please contact us before ordering to get a cost for shipping to your country.  404-405-1550 or email to [email protected].  
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